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ABBA's works primarily with migrants who spend a brief amount of time in Celaya to rest. Often times these are men traveling however in the last few months ABBA has seen a dramatic increase in families passing through. They stay at the shelter for up to 72 hours and while they are there they are provided with basic services.

ABBA house is the only migrant shelter in Mexico that provides specific medical treatment to migrants who have lost a limb. We work with the International Committee of the Red Cross and INGUDIS Guanajuato to provide these individuals with prosthetics and to help them readjust to their new reality. 

Some of the migrants passing through ABBA decide to seek refuge in the state of Guanajuato. ABBA house offers legal advice to these individuals to help them navigate the Mexican government and establish themselves as refugees. 

ABBA house provides longer stays to individuals on a case by case basis. This includes pregnant mothers, recent births and victims of sexual abuse. 

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